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Please be aware that this is always subject to change and you should check your email / texts before each evening to make sure there have been no last-minute changes.

07/09/2016AGMOur AGM will start at seven at the youth club. We will provide activities for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts so please come along. Your support is very needed. We are looking for help in all sections and without parents help we may well have to close. So please do come along.!!!
14/09/2016Brickyard GardenMeet at the top of Wood St. We will hopefully have a bonfire at the Brickyard and have our Smoores as promised from last term.. If the weather is very bad we will meet at the hall as usual.
21/09/2016Disability Awareness BadgeOver the next two weeks we will be doing lots of different activities towards the Disability Awareness Badge. Meet at the hall.
28/09/2016Disability Awareness BadgeDifferent activities in the hall towards the Disability Awareness Badge
05/10/2016Hike/ GamesI want to plan to go on a hike tonight but as I always seem to get freak weather on hike nights my back up plan will be Games night in the hall. I want the Beavers to think about where they would like to hike, so I'll give you more details later... All parents are welcome to join us but no dogs please.
12/10/2016Divali. International badgeFor the next two weeks we will be thinking about Diwali and Beavers from across the world for the International Badge. Meet at the hall
15/10/2016Twin Lakes
19/10/2016Divali. International badgeInternational Badge at the hall
26/10/2016Half Term
02/11/2016Joint Cubs/ Beavers InvestitureWe will have a joint meeting with the Cubs for our Investiture. We are hoping to have a bonfire with smoores and maybe some sparklers, so old shoes a coat and gloves for the sparklers... All new parents are welcome to stay and join in the watch the investiture.
09/11/2016Rememberance PoppysPoppy making and thinking about the hall
16/11/2016Hike / GamesAnother hike or Games night ,,,lets see what the weather can throw at us!!! again i'll let you know where the Beavers would like to hike. All parents are welcome to walk with us but no dogs please.
23/11/2016Christmas CraftsChristmas crafts..
30/11/2016christmas CraftsChristmas Crafts/// Party games
07/12/2016Joint Christmas MeetingJoint meeting with the Cubs and Scouts. Details will follow.

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